Excellence is Our Commitment

Our team is committed to delivering excellence. We provide quality solutions to our clients’ wants and needs at a competitive price.

We love the outdoors and are dedicated to taking care of the environment we live in. We carefully consider the effect our work has on the environment and how we can minimise our impact.


We take the health and well-being of our team very seriously. We provide thorough training and have clear guidelines and policies in place to ensure everyone is safe and avoid any workplace accidents or injuries.


We sit down with our clients to discuss the design of each project so we can fully understand their vision and deliver a quality result.


We can design a quality system suited to the needs of our clients. We have experience in installing large systems for sports fields and recreational areas.


Here at BJE Constructions, we shape areas and make them functional. We have the capabilities of levelling big areas, excavation, providing soil and rocks and installation of drainage systems. Earthworks do not end in making it functional but takes into consideration the flora and fauna surrounding the project. We also make sure that we make areas appealing through developing sceneries of plants and attractive placement of rocks.


Our Civil Construction services include tennis and netball courts, culverts, drains and pits, grouting and general concrete work. We provide a solid foundation for your construction at a price you can afford.

If you have a project in mind and you wish to request for a quotation, call us on 0412 535 618

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